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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.


     CABLE TELEVISION-Cable Advertising can be complex.  Smart Media can fine tune a proposal and break it down into the best plan to reach your customers.They will recommend which networks, and cable systems to utilize. They will also determine how many commercial should run and the length of your schedule, plus calculate the number of times the viewers will actually see your commercial.


     BROADCAST TELEVISION- Smart Media will give you the facts, based on Nielsen Ratings, which broadcast station is best for your business advertising. They understand this “bible” of broadcast television and will work with you in examining the finer points of program ratings and demographics. 



     NEWSPAPER-Smart Media has extensive knowledge of print advertising. They will distill the labyrinth of newspaper (daily, weekly, and monthly) and magazine information into a sensible and affordable marketing plan, and work with you on a creative layout.


     DIRECT MAIL-Smart Media can collaborate with you in designing an FSI (free standing mailer or insert). They will investigate various direct mailing houses to see what lists are available and best suited to your target market



Smart Media recognizes the importance of radio in a balanced media campaign. They can analyze the radio Arbitron report, craft a schedule that will fit your specific marketing needs and even compose the ad copy.  

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